H e r e' s  a  t a s t e  o f  w h a t' s  b e i n g  s e r v e d  a t  

                           K e l l e y   B r o k e r a g e. . .

“KraftHeinz Foodservice offers a diverse set of products to cover needs across channels while ensuring the delivery of quality. With a portfolio of well-known brands, such as Philadelphia, Grey Poupon, Velveeta, Stove Top, Crystal Light, Maxwell House, A.1., Planters, and more, the options for your business are endless. KraftHeinz provides solutions for any menu part, occasion, or application to better serve customers.”

 McCain Foods USA entered the U.S. market more than 30 years ago and is a leading supplier of frozen potato and snack food products for the foodservice markets.  Brands include Brew City, McCain, Moore's, Anchor, Poppers, Harvest Splendor Sweet Potatoes, Signature, Redstone Canyon, Purely Potatoes, Deli Roasters, Mash Makers, Farmers Kitchen and many more.

Rotella’s Italian Bakery, Inc. specializes in breads and rolls made from ingredients that ensure products superior in appearance and nutrition. In our state of the art production facility, we strive to achieve a consistent product each and every time. Our sales and customer service personnel will further ensure that your needs are met in the most expeditious means.

Vie de France provides a full line of the highest quality bakery goods. Their prodcuts are available as frozen dough, frozen parbaked, and thaw and serve. Vie de France products include croissants, Danishes, Puff Pastries, Cookie dough, Muffin batter, Breads, and much more!

Since 1851, under the Pioneer Brand name, C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc. Foodservice has provided grain-based food solutions for commercial and non-commercial segments alike. Our full array of value-added baking mixes, gravies, sauces, and frozen products offer you profit-generating opportunities with convenient, quick preparation and versatile recipe applications.

J&J Snack Foods offers a wide variety of products that include the brands Super Pretzel, Minute Maid Juice Bars, Funnel Cake, Bavarian Bakery, Luigi's Italian Ice, Whole Fruit, California Churros, Readi Bake, Country Home Bakers, Supreme Stuffers, Sweet Stuffers and Top Picks

Koch Foods offers consistent, quality supply of fresh and frozen commodity, value added and menu staple chicken products.


You will always serve something exceptional when you offer Sweet Street Desserts.

 Sweet Streets has a full line of lucious desserts for you to serve in your establishment.


In the spring of 1985, Ron Woodall started Ron’s Home Style Foods with a mission to create high quality, home-style deli salads that look and taste homemade. Starting with only three salads 30 years ago, Ron’s Home Style Foods is still family owned and now has over 50 varieties of high quality refrigerated prepared deli salads, spreads, desserts, bases, dressings, and frozen side dishes. 


NardoneBros. has been family owned and operated since 1942. They are committed to making the finest pizza and bringing the most nutritious, high-quality products to schools. At the foundation of their pizza is their homemade crust, to assure great taste with every bite.

Let's Craft Great Dishes Together!  Since 1960 the Maas family has been family owned and operated.  Let us show you what they have to offer for K-12. They process Beef, Pork, Turkey, Cheese and Tomato Paste. JTM offers a plethora of items to create fresh new items for your Star Pupils!  


Padrino Foods is owned by third-generation tamale makers David and Diane Gutierrez Luther. Aka TamaleDave and TamaleDiane.


“We make homestyle, hand-wrapped tamales,” says TamaleDave. “And we make them the way Diane’s grandfather Tomas Gutierrez taught her. Made from scratch with fresh produce and quality cuts of meat. Nothing from of a can. We don’t add preservatives and we don’t use lard. And as an extra, Padrino tamales are gluten-free.”

We package our product in vacuum-sealed bags for convenience, maximum freshness and extended shelf life. The bags can be placed in boiling water, re-therm units, steamers or microwaves. New individual packaging (patent pending) lets you put tamales on roller grills so you can sell them one-by-one.

My Bigmama's Kitchen is an honored tradition of southern hospitality, family gatherings, and of course our Bigmama's famous cooking!   Bigmama's Famous Louisiana Sweet Potato Pie, Southern Pumpkin Pie, and Legendary Pecan Pie are simply delicious.  We also offer Bigmama's fabulous Good Ol' Peach and Blackberry Cobblers! Indulge in My Bigmama's wonderful pies and cobblers as they are truly delicious sweet treats!                                              MIO - Made In Oklahomaama's Famous Louisiana Sweet Potato Pie, Southern Pumpkin Pie, and Legendary Pecan Pie.  We also offer Bigmama's fabulous Good Ol' Peach and Blackberry Cobblers!

For more than 60 years Konto's Foods has produced premium-quality products using the finest ingredients and time-honored methods.  Konto's is the Premier Baker of Hand-Made Stretched Flatbreads.  But the goodness doesn't stop there, they also have loaves or slices of Gyro meat and other Mediterranen items such as  Dolmades, Tarama and Taramosalata, Hummus, Falafel, Special Relishes and delicious Baklava.

A company that is dedicated to the development of “All Natural FRUIT based snacks and ingredients”. Providing snacks for children and adults that are gluten free, vegan, fat free, peanut and tree nut free, with no added sugars and no GMO's. This product is also Kosher certified. Currently they offer Strawberry, Orange, Sour Lemon, Sour Pineapple and Peach flavor infused AMAZIN’ RAISINS!


Since the early 1950's, King's Command Foods has been committed to bringing quality, portion controlled, pre-cooked and ready-to-cook meat products to the food service and retail industry. When the market for quick and convenient meals emerged, King's Command Foods emerged as an industry leader by bringing a variety of safe, fully cooked items to restaurants and other institutions. With locations in Washington, Ohio and Oklahoma, the company's focus is to provide great tasting, quality, and center-of-the plate products at a reasonable price.

In 1996, after 30 years in the packaged foods and grocery business, Mr. Padilla Sr. launched his own brand then known as Victor Foods. Today, the Don Victor branded product line consists of various cooking essentials. From consume to sweeteners and sauces all based in authentic Mexican culture, style and taste.



Custom Sauces and dressings.  Parent company to Major Peters Brand and Jero Brand cocktail mixes.


From fine dining to institutional feeding, you can count on Gold Standard Baking to provide the perfect laminated baked goods to complement your menu. That’s because we offer the widest variety of gourmet croissants in the industry, with unmatched quality, consistency and flavor.

And since all our products are ready to thaw and serve, you can look forward to significant labor savings compared to proof ‘n bake alternatives, with less waste at the end of the day. So whatever size, shape or style your operation requires, for any time from morning to night, relax – we’ve got you covered.

Complete product line of raw fine meats.




Akaushi brand beef - Kobe Style Beef. 

BelGioioso Cheese has been specializing in all-natural, award-winning Italian cheeses for over 20 years. Our Wisconsin based company consists of five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the areas surrounding Denmark and Pulaski, Wisconsin. Each plant specializes in a specific cheese that is produced there daily by the same cheesemakers. All BelGioioso cheeses are crafted using only the freshest Wisconsin cow's milk. The cheeses are manufactured, aged, finished, packaged and shipped solely from our facilities, giving us full quality control of the products from start to finish.

Emmi Roth USA proudly offers a wide range of domestically crafted artisan and specialty cheeses.  At our chalet factory, nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin, old-world cheesemaking methods combine with state-of-the-art technology to transform the freshest local milk into the finest cheese.  Our cellar masters meticulously tend to the cheese throughout the curing process to ensure that each batch that leaves our care meets our highest expectations.  From European-style classics to American Originals, we proudly continue our longstanding tradition of quality with every cheese we make.


Cervasi specialty ingredient products include a variety of items that you will find from Kelley Brokerage including; pasta, olive oil, artichokes, bruschetta, cheeses, lemon juice, vinegars and other specialties.




Rudy's Tortillas is family owned and operated since 1945. We use choice corn and flour to produce the highest quality and largest variety of tortilla products available.

Calavo is proud to offer avocado pulp and signature guacamoles that stay fresh and taste fresh for up to 50 days. The secret is cold pasteurization via Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) technology.  The process has the very same inactivating affect on microorganisms as methods using heat or chemicals.  But unlike those harsh methods, UHP has no affect whatsoever on taste, texture, color, nutritional value, or the vitamin content of the food.

From institutional-size cans to bulk and green beans to pumpkin, Seneca's Foodservice Operations cover the gamut of processed vegetable and fruit needs. We continually invest in the state-of-the-art processing and packaging equipment to ensure our customers' expectations are met or exceeded in this very competitive industry. Our dedication to plant efficiencies, cost control, and uncompromising quality have earned us the highest reputation among customers and competitors alike.

Today, Carla's is a family owned, entrepreneurially driven, single focus, nationally distributed company since 1978. All we make are pasta and pestos.  Carla's is all about quality, quality, and quality closely followed by customer service and quality.

 The Puckered Pickle Company only uses top quality cucumbers, peppers, olives and other vegetables, oils and spices that go into our fine products. We follow a strict HACCP program to further insure quality and safety in our daily product and new product development.  Refrigerated Product Only.

When it comes to breads and rolls, few can compare to Wenner Bread Products. From traditional to trend-setting, a full range of products is available to suit your needs. With our frozen dough or par-baked and fully baked breads and rolls, you can count on Wenner Bread Products' easy-to-handle, highly tolerant, consistently good breads to bring you operational ease and delicious aroma and flavor. We aim to be the most flexible, savvy and creative bakery in America .

Azar Foodservice offers a full line of nuts, candy, snack mixes, coconut, peanut butter, dried fruit, and sprinkles.  Azar offers national distribution available through Dot Foods as well as several forwarding warehouses throughout the country.

Since 1958, Maple Leaf Farms has been producing innovative, value-added duck products of unequalled quality. Consistent and flavorful eating experiences make our products the favorite of chefs, restaurateurs, retailers, and discerning consumers worldwide.

In an effort to find more shelf stable meals for our troops, the first potato dehydration process was developed for the military.  While this early, primitive process is still used by many dehydrated potato sellers to this day, Idahoan strives for higher quality.  A group of local Lewisville, Idaho growers decide to join forces to start a potato dehydration plant—the Idahoan brand was born.




Sun Rich Fresh Foods Inc. offers a variety of Fresh Cut Fruit.  Fresh No Preservative Cut Fruit, Packaged Apples, Packaged Apples and Grapes, and an array of other products to meet your needs.

Natchitoches La. Meat Pies Inc. has manufactured and sold meat pies (empanadas) for over 20 years to foodservice and retail industry distributors. Distributors are located in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Tennessee. With a recent expansion at our manufacturing facility we now have the production capability to reach out to individuals and smaller businesses that have not had access to our products through the normal channels.

PanSaver® ovenable pan liners improve food safety, enhance food quality and reduce your costs. Our high temperature pan liners, oven bags and slow cooker liners can take the heat — up to 400°F. Our Scrub Saver® liners are ideal for holding, transporting and serving food from steam table pans. Cook Chill products are engineered to rapidly chill prepared foods and then safely freeze them for future use.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky began with treasured family recipes passed from generation to generation, transforming a small North Woods business into one of the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturers in the world.

Super Donut® was created to deliver nutritious and healthy benefits to those who love donuts. It all starts with using high quality ingredients, all natural flavors and colors, and no preservatives. We then mix in NutriDough®, a unique and special blend of minerals, vitamins and protein that turns the dough into a nutrient-dense Super Donut. Once everything comes together, we cook our donuts in a healthy canola oil blend. Delicious and Nutritious!

Dan’s Prize produces roast beef, corned beef, prime rib, pastrami, sliced meats, pot roast and other cooked meats for foodservice and deli operators.




Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner filled burritos.





Farm Raised Catfish

Idaho Pacific is dedicated to supplying foodservice operators with a full line of convenient, economical, easy to prepare - and great tasting -dehydrated potato products.

 In 1984, De Waflebakkers began importing waffles to the United States direct from a Holland bakery. It was not long before the demand for these waffles propelled the company to begin manufacturing in the United States. In 1986, Meyer's Bakery and the Janssen Brothers joined together in a venture to create the wholesome, nutritious and tasty waffles in the US using the European waffle formula that came straight from Holland. 

Schwab Meat Co is dedicated to creating only the highest quality smoked meats and sausages. For over 100 years our family has used only the finest ingredients and only real hardwood hickory smoke. Our mission is to do the same for the next 100 years. Thank you for your interest in Schwab Meat Company .                                                           established in 1912.                                                                                                 MIO - Made In Oklahoma.

Value Added Products provide quality products such as pizza crusts, dough sheets, croissants, cookie cakes and dinner rolls. VAP believes that all of their customers deserve the highest level of service, and are committed to providing just that. Value Added Products come from the Great State                                                        of Oklahoma, located in Alva.

                                                         MIO - Made In Oklahoma.


Since 1848, America's Leading Custom Pasta Maker

Zerega is America's leading producer of custom pasta for the food processing, foodservice, and retail markets. Using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment, we produce 250 million pounds of dry pasta each year in over 300 varieties.

 Michigan Turkey Producers is a
cooperative of 16 family farmers with 43 farms in Southwest Michigan. 
They have five generations of experience producing the best quality turkey
products.  Michigan Turkey was one of the first companies in the United
States to introduce a true humane harvest called “Controlled Atmosphere
Stunning.”  This process is very humane and stress-free to the animals; as
a result it greatly reduces the amount of blood spots and bruising on the
meat.  The Golden Legacy product line includes the following: Raised
Without Antibiotics (Never Ever) products, All Natural products, and
Traditional products.  All products are Gluten Free, Allergen Free and MSG

"A Manufacturer of Quality Breading... since 1952." Providing breading products for fish, chicken, and vegetables.

 Eddy Packing Co., Inc. is one of the most modern meat processing plants in the southwest.  We take pride in processing sausages, portion control beef, and smoked or marinated meat products, to meet the needs of our customers.  We also process specialty meat products such as the HeartBrand meat products and Jack Daniels Bar-B-Que meat products.   The Eddy Packing Co., Inc. has a dedicated employee base which currently employs over 600 production, sales, warehouse, office and quality control staff.  The Eddy Packing Co., Inc. family invites you to try our quality products that have made us a South Texas tradition.

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